We're not just a tutoring company. Our students don’t come to Project just for the classes. 

They come to study and prepare for their HSC, from morning till night, every single day that they get the chance. It represents the greatest support any HSC student could imagine. This is how we produce the results that we do. This is Project Academy.

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Project Academy

Year 12 is a critical year so we built an accelerated course where you cover all topics. A final term is spent nailing rigorous LEAP exams. 

Year 11

Year 12

Year 10

Our Year 11 programs lay the foundations for you to hit the ground running in Year 12. This will help you ramp up to a massive ATAR in Year 12.

Year 10 mathematics forms is the building block of many HSC subjects. We give students a headstart and accelerate them into Year 11 topics. 

At Project Academy, we bring together the best teachers, state-rankers and 99+ ATAR teachers to support our students. 

We also provide students with a state of the art learning space that students call a second home.

1. Class

At Project Academy, we've spent thousands of hours distilling our knowledge and research to build the best courses to help you succeed in your HSC. We present all this to you in our classes.

2. Tutorials

Tutorials are personalised Q&A sessions where you can get all your questions answered. You may book as many tutorials a week as you like. Our aim is to help you succeed with as much support as possible.

3. Study Space

We built Sydney's best study space for students. Project Acacdemy is open morning to night from 8am to 11pm every day with study spaces, bean bags and a kitchen.

Our Unique Approach

We help our students discover their love for learning, through hand-selecting the best 99+ ATAR teachers and building the most beautiful learning space in Sydney.

"Project is more than just a tutoring centre. It shaped my work ethic, attitudes and way of thinking. It really turned my whole life perspective and marks around, and helped me achieve my HSC goals!"

Brandon Huynh

Former 2015 HSC Student & Current Teacher

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